twilight   therapeutics


Relax  the  Mind

Refresh  the Body

Renew  the  Spirit

  for  within  yourself  resides 

a  place  of  power  and  healing

Our therapeutic massage is a unique integration of

Traditional SwedishMyofascial ReleaseZen Shiatsu,

CranioSacral Therapy ,  and Sound Therapy

using  Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

Let the stress and tension begin to melt away in the gentle steaming swirl of the fragrant essential oils of Eucalyptus and Balsam Fir

as you bask in an AromaSpa hot steam sauna.


as the unique blend of very deep yet gentle and painfree bodywork attends to the call of your muscles. Set the burdens of your life aside for a moment to attend to yourself, to listen to the whispers of your muscles calling.


your mind as worry and thought just slip away; replaced with an

awareness of rejuvenation and revitalization, of fresh and clear

energy circulating throughout your being.


your spirit as the burdens of the body and mind dissolve enabling your natural state of balance to rise into consciousness.

Treatments are tailored to your highest healing needs during the session to enhance stress relief and relaxation, to address deeper muscular dysfunction, and to help you ground and regain balance of Body / Mind / Spirit.


may  we  be  filled  with  loving  kindness

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