twilight   therapeutics

Therapeutic  STRETCHES

for  Muscular  Balance  Upper Body    



3 x’s a day,  every day,  for 6 weeks.

Starting position, your arm is bent at elbow 90 degrees and tucked close to your body ( you may tie a bathrobe belt around your waist and gently over the arm to keep it tucked in )

Your palm is facing the mid line.

1. Stretch forearm out to the side as far as is painfree.

2. From this position attempt to gently move the arm back towards the midline for 10 seconds against resistance. ( You may use another person as resistance or a stretch rope tied at the wrist of the arm being stretched, wrapped around the back and held with the other hand.)

3. Rest the arm completely for 3 seconds as you inhale.

4. Stretch the arm farther back as you exhale.

5. From this new stretch position repeat the process 7 more times.

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