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Stomach  and Spleen-Pancreas

  1. 1.Sit with your knees together and your bottom as low as is comfortable between your heels and Inhale.

  2. 2.Exhale as you lean backwards lifting and opening your chest, supporting yourself with your hands.

  3. 3.If it is comfortable to continue on Inhale and gently lift your pelvis.

  4. 4.Exhale as you lean back onto your elbows, into the position in the middle photo.

  5. 5.Inhale slowly then exhale as you relax into the position keeping your chest up and open.

  6. 6.If it is comfortable to continue on, Inhale again and as you Exhale relax backward further until you are flat then extend your arms over your head.

  7. 7.Take 3 relaxed breaths in your final position.

  8. 8.Gently move back through each phase of the stretch as you return to a sitting position.

If this position is uncomfortable on your knees you may try the camel pose from Yoga with a support cushion under your knees instead. ( photo to come! )

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