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Orthopedic / Medical Massage

Pain  Management  and  Injury Recovery

Sports  Massage

This pain free therapy is the Advanced version of Sports Massage integrating cutting edge techniques for injury rehabilitation formerly reserved for elite athletes, and is available through a series of appointments. Orthopedic massage is especially effective therapy for clients who experience chronic pain or loss of full range of motion, musicians, athletes, physical laborers, and others who are prone to repetitive motion injuries, creating long term muscular imbalances and debilitation.

Structural imbalances are reduced through releasing and balancing the muscles and connective tissues creating torquing force upon the joints and skeletal system, increasing range of motion, muscular balance, and assisting clients with reconnecting to their bodies.

At the client’s request this treatment regimen may include a customized treatment plan including a postural assessment determining the musculo-skeletal imbalances that are contributing to pain or imbalance. The assessment is then used to develop a customized stretching and strengthening exercise regimen tailored to the particular musculo-skeletal balancing needs of the individual.

Customized treatment plans empower clients with the therapeutic exercises and lifestyle recommendations specific to their individual needs enabling clients to restore and maintain their own pain free movement.

This  therapy  is  highly  effective  with:

  1. Rotator Cuff Injuries

  2. Thorasic Outlet Syndrome

  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  4. Frozen Shoulders and Hips

  5. Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  6. Spinal Cord Injuries

  7. Chronic Sacral- iliac Joint Pain

  8. Neck and Back Pain

  9. Strains

  10. Sprains

  11. Tendonitis

  12. Bursitus

  13. and other sports related injuries

and Many other Muscle Based Chronic Pain Conditions

  You’ve  got  nothing  to  lose  but  your  Pain.

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