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These stretches were first introduced to the west by Shizuto Masunaga and are intended to improve the flow of Ki throughout the meridian channels and to strengthen the organ systems associated with each meridian.

The state of balance and flow within each meridian can be assessed based

on the degree of ease and flexibility you experience with each stretch.

Each pose also expresses the psychological aspect of the meridian pair or

activates a part of the body involved in that expression.

Each stretch is done in a series of 3 gentle breaths:

The intent is to




the movement,

there’s no need to push or force your body,

instead Inhale fully then

Exhale as you

move smoothly and gently into the stretch.

Inhale as you

release the tension of the stretch.

Exhale as you gently relax deeper into the stretch.

Inhale again as you release and Exhale as you stretch,

gently moving further into each stretch with each Exhalation.

Each breath should accompany a serene sensation of

ahhhhhhhh yeeesssss,

Lung  and Large Intestine

Stomach  and Spleen-Pancreas

Heart  and Small Intestine

Bladder  and Kidney

Heart Protector  and  Triple Heater

Gall Bladder  and Liver

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