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Kidney and Bladder

Please note that this exercise is not for pregnant women.

  1. 1.Sit with your legs straight in front of you and your feet relaxed slightly outwards.

  2. 2.Inhale deeply as you raise your arms above your head palms rotated outwards lifting your spine and entire torso upwards.

  3. 3.Exhale as you reach forward palm still rotate outwards, bending at your waist, keeping your legs and back as straight as possible.

  4. 4.Inhale gently.

  5. 5.Exhale drawing the impetus of forward movement from your sacrum/pelvis and relax further forward resting your chest closer to your thighs.

  6. 6.Relax gently into the stretch further as you take another complete breath. If it is comfortable you can grasp your pinky toe as you gently pinch the outer bottom edge of the pinky nail.

  7. 7.Inhale then as you Exhale slowly roll up vertebra by vertebra until you are back to your starting position.

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