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The intent of this site is to provide barrier Free access to information for people who desire to help themselves. Anyone, at anytime, regardless of income, can access this site through a public computer, and learn how to help balance the muscles of their bodies and eliminate chronic pain for FREE.

Please feel free to copy any of the exercises from this site, after all they’re here for you! I do ask that if you copy the exercises please copy the directions in their entirety including postural assessment, caveats, tips, etc to ensure proper form and procedure when doing the exercises, especially if you are sharing the exercises with others.

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Zen Shiatsu Exercises for Energetic Balance

This series of morning exercises are intended to stimulate and enhance an active and harmonious

flow of energy through, and to strengthen the organs associated with, each of the 12 traditional and Zen Shiatsu based supplementary meridian lines. 


Exercises for  Muscular Balance

Stretching exercises are used to lengthen muscles that have become shortened and contracted. Shortened and contracted muscles will feel tight as a tightened and contracted fist feels tight.

A caveat to judging which muscles ought to be stretched based solely on the sensation of “tightness” is that overstretched and weakened muscles will feel tight just as a stretched guitar string feels tight.

Because a shortened muscle and an overstretched muscle both will feel “tight” it is important to evaluate one’s postural alignment before starting a stretching regimen as it is not uncommon for one to assume a muscle is shortened and contracted because it feels tight, when the muscle may in fact feel tight because it is overstretched to it’s limit. Stretching an already overstretched muscle, although it may offer temporary relief at the moment, not only perpetuates a dysfunctional and imbalanced condition it can often lead to muscle tearing and traumatic muscle injury.

A flag to re-evaluate the appropriateness of a stretch is if after several weeks of stretching, one feels the need to keep repeatedly stretching a muscle to relieve tightness. Repeatedly in this case would be every half hour to an hour, one stretches and the tension is temporarily relieved but re-occurs within a half hour to an hour. This is a good indicator that one has mis-evaluated and is over-stretching an already overstretched muscle. Normally one should notice lasting relief from stretching within 3 weeks of stretching a muscle unit just 3 times a day, 8 x’s in a row each time, every day.


Exercises for Muscular Balance


Basic Evaluations of Muscular Balance

Learning how to effectively assess which of your muscles need to be stretched or strengthened is vitally important in order for you to create an exercise plan specific to achieving muscular balance and freedom of movement for your body.

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