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CranioSacral Therapy

&  Somato Emotional Release

This therapy developed by Dr. John Upledger uses gentle touch to release the connective tissue around the brain and spinal cord, to adjust and enhance the flow and pulse of the cranial sacral fluid, and to enable freedom of

movement of the plates of the cranium.

Releasing restrictions within the cranial sacral system can increase motor control function, nutrient distribution and flow to the brain and spinal cord. This treatment has been found effective for a wide variety of difficult to treat conditions such as PTSD, neurological disorders, Autism, TMJ syndrome, chronic pain conditions, motor control impairment, and Migraines.

Research conducted in the late 70’s by Dr. John Upledger and biophysicist Zvi Karni led to the discovery that the body often retains the emotional imprints of physical trauma; intense feelings that may have occurred at the time of injury – anger, fear, resentment . These imprints if left unresolved, can and often do inhibit full healing.

Sometimes a release of emotional energy is necessary to fully discharge and therefore recover from a trauma. In those cases a therapist

may assist the client with a Somato Emotional Release.

These therapies are highly effective with the following conditions and

others if the root cause of dysfunction is adhesions or restrictions within the

CranioSacral system, or a result of the blocked energy of emotional trauma.

•Migraines and Headaches

•Chronic Neck and Back Pain

•Motor Coordination Impairment

•Traumatic Brain Injuries

•Spinal Cord Injuries

•Stress and Tension Related Issues

•Infantile disorders

•Chronic Fatigue


•Central Nervous System Disorders

•Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•TMJ Temporalmandibular Joint Syndrome

•Learning disabilities

•Idiopathic depression

•Immune system dysfunctions

•Hormone system dysfunctions

More Information on CranioSacral Therapy

More Information on Somato Emotional Release

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