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CranioSacral Therapy

We were all taught in school about our cardiovascular system and that our pulse is the rhythm created by the heart as it pumps blood throughout our bodies.

We were also taught about the respiratory system and our lungs and that our breath is the rhythm created by our lungs as we inhale and exhale.

But we were not taught about another rhythm of the body created by the CranioSacral system. The CranioSacral system consists of the membranes and the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds, protects, and provides proper nutrition to the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the bones of the skull, face, and mouth, down the back to the sacrum (tailbone). As the cerebral spinal fluid flows from around the brain, down to the sacrum, and back again it creates it’s own rhythm called the CranioSacral rhythm.

This system influences the development and performance of the brain and spinal cord. Imbalances and restrictions within the system can be a hidden root cause of a wide variety of sensory, motor, and/or neurological dysfunctions such as: chronic pain, eye difficulties, scoliosis, motor-coordination problems, learning disabilities, and other issues.


The the term the Blood/Brain barrier refers to this specialized system which is unlike any other in the body. The cranial fluid is it’s own unique body fluid, somewhat plasma but it is not in fact plasma. The cranial fluid is contained in a semi-closed hydraulic system. The production and level of fluid is regulated by pressure within the system. Fluid is produced up to a certain top pressure and then it is paused until the pressure drops below a certain pressure where upon more fluid is produced and added into the system until the top pressure is reach and it is paused again. Similar to how a temperature thermostat works.

When the pressure goes awry the system does not function properly, so injuries to any part of the system can affect the whole system. For example one might slip and fall on the ice and hit their bottom and be sore for a few days and then start experiencing headaches weeks or months later as a result of their tailbone and bum hitting the ice and shunting the force of impact up the spine ( plane old physics at work here ) into their skull, directly and dramatically altering the pressure within the cranial fluid system, the symptoms of which often do not appear right away.

Although in the West the cranial plates were thought to fuse into place as we age; research conducted at The University of New England Medical School; one of only 2 places in the US where unpreserved dissections of the Brain and Spinal cord are preformed, found that the sutures between the plates do not calcify and fuse. The proper function within the system depends on free micro movements of expansion and contraction between the cranial bones in order to adjust to the rhythmic pressure changes that enable the flow of cranial fluid.

As the system is pressure sensitive different seemingly innocuous experiences like having had braces which lock the upper mandible in place preventing movement within the cranial system or dental surgeries that hold the jaw open and restricted for hours can alter the proper functioning of the system resulting in “idiopathic “ symptoms; symptoms of no “known” origin such as depression, migraines, TMJ and more.

How  is  CranioSacral  Therapy performed ?

CranioSacral therapy developed by John Upledger D.O. uses gentle touch to release the connective tissue around the brain and spinal cord. CranioSacral therapy uses a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to identify and address the negative effects of injury and stress on the central nervous system.

The practitioner monitors the rhythm of the CranioSacral system to detect potential restrictions and imbalances. The practitioner then uses delicate manual techniques to release areas of adhesion and/ or restriction, relieving undue pressure on the brain and spinal cord; restoring proper nutrient flow and movement within the system.

CranioSacral therapy can be performed on a person fully clothed and can last an hour to an hour and a half or longer, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other allopathic or complementary therapies. For more information on CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release check out:

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