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Client  Testimonials


“After suffering traumatic injuries and multiple strokes and the subsequent paralysis on my left side from a severe auto accident, my ability to move my left arm was extremely limited, and I was in severe pain all the time.  

Although I went through regular physical therapy, the most effective treatment I received was from McGinley Jones. The work she did on my left shoulder, neck, and back helped me recover so much movement most people who see me cannot tell that I had any problem.  Just as important to me is that McGinley’s healing hands helped relieve the intense chronic pain I was in, so I was able to get off the heavy pain medicine I had been taking. You don’t have to be injured to get the healthy benefits of good massage. I recommend McGinley to everyone I meet. ” 

Vern McKimmey,  Lubec,  ME     October 2009

“Prior to my first visit with McGinley Jones, I had been having severe right side lower back and hip problems with a lot of pain. I've found McGinley to be honest and straightforward in her approach to her massage work. She demonstrated a high degree of human body knowledge and explained how things work in detail while she worked on my back, hip and legs. She was very kind and thoughtful.

My visit lasted for one hour thirty minutes and I arrived there in pain and barely walking and departed her office walking with no pain. I can

recommend with complete confidence for anyone with back/hip/leg problems to visit her office. After my visit I have talked to numerous people who’ve visited McGinley and agree with my assessment. We now call her magic hands.”


George Eaton,  Retired Coast Guard,  Lubec,  ME      May 2010        

“When my sister suggested Orthopedic Massage for my elbow and shoulder, I was a skeptic! I could no longer pick up a coffee pot or shake a man’s hand, let alone continue to do my job as a lineman. How would this work when I was facing the real issue of disability?

After just a few sessions and following certain exercises McGinley suggested, my elbow began to feel better. With a few more sessions McGinley had my shoulder and back feeling better. By following the advice and doing the exercises that she showed me I am nearly back to 100%. ( and here I was thinking I was going to have to stop working due to my pain ) Now when I feel discomfort, I can do the exercises to improve my elbow, shoulder, and back. Now I am a believer!”  


Jay McLellan, Lineman EMEC, Topsfield, ME    May 2010

"My massage session with McGinley was profound. I came to see her (1) because I’d heard such accolades and (2) to address tension in my shoulders and neck. Compassion and empathy emanated from her competent hands and reassuring voice. As she kneaded my muscles with soothing oils and supported my head with loving concentration, I began to let go. Unexpected, cleansing tears began to flow, and I felt both deeply moved and rejuvenated. 

I believe that anyone, even if you don’t have a particular physical issue, will find a session with McGinley vastly beneficial. She is a healer, with extraordinary gifts.”

Sara Sills, New York, NY  Sept 2012

“McGinley's upper body massage at Summerkeys was deeply rejuvenating. 

When I returned to her office several days later for a full body massage, she listened carefully to my concerns, and then applied her talent for body work, to successfully release a persistent tightness in my hip, allowing me to rediscover a care-free stride again.  From the warm-up sauna, to the heated table, and the strong compassionate hands, this was truly a world-class massage."

Susan Zachos,  SummerKeys participant and Lubec resident      May 2010

“My wife and I are professional photographers in Washington, DC who spend a lot of time on our feet. I also spend way too much time in front of the computer and in the darkroom. All of which means we are especially grateful for McGinley Jones'  healing hands and masterly touch as a massage therapist.

When we arrive in Lubec each year for the summer one of the first things we do is schedule our massage appointments with her. Over the years not only has McGinley been a great resource for us, she also has become a dear friend. She takes the time to find out what new aches and pains need work; and after each session we feel reinvigorated and renewed. (and I, for one, love her teeny weeny steam room). We recommend McGinley without reservation!”

Frank Van Riper,  author  Down East Maine/ A World Apart,

with Judith Goodman co-authors of  Serenissima: Venice in Winter       May 2010


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