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McGinley Jones

Share my adventures and explorations into the land of macrobiotic being as my own evolution starts.

Macrobiotics,  is in essence, living in a way that creates and enhances a life of ultimate vitality and radiance, and living with an abiding awareness of oneness with all that is. A Big life. Hmmm so how is this achieved?  Only through inner peace may we achieve “world” peace.

“We do not seek,  therefore,  to ‘change’ ourselves ;  rather,  through practice we gradually begin to recognize that everything we have sought outside of ourselves --  peace, love, contentment, security, etc,  vibrates as the heart energy, ( hridayama ) of the universe within our own hearts.” CT                                                                                thank  you  jc

So I instead intend to step away from the obstacles, uncover what treasures may lie hidden, and nurture what is with an openness to what I discover. 


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to lead a life uncommon,

bringing new wisdom

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back to my family, my community.

our new Anthem? a life uncommon

by Jewel