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Everything physical we experience including ourselves is the physical manifestation of love invisible.

The invisible becoming visible.

Balance, Inner Peace, Joy, and Radiance are each innate aspects of our deepest core beings, of all beings. I have been blessed to share in rediscovering a visceral awareness of this knowing with others as I journey along my own path of remembering, re-membering, and discovering true self.

I was recently asked in a questionnaire to describe  my biggest current life difficulties.......and was amazed by the realization that I could say, Thank You Universe, I have none. Sure things come up in life and yet I am at a place where I truly Love my life, I love where I live, the friends and clients I encounter daily, the mild challenges and simple joys living in community with others. Life is good.

Through Sweat Lodges and other traditional Ceremonies, and True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensives, Vipassana Meditation, the teachings of Mooji and Sat Yoga, and other Advaita teachers, and through direct experiences with the deaths of my mother and other loved ones, within is a deep sense; a knowing that we are beings of light and energy, spirit condensed materialized into flesh.

I believe people have an infinite capacity to heal. Human beings are amazing. If someones arm is severed in an accident, Doctors can re-attach it, essentially holding all of the parts, tissue, veins, nerves et. back together with stitches, AND the body heals itself. No one in the medical field or elsewhere seems to know how the magical process of cell regeneration and reattachment actually happens, just that it does happen if the “physical” parts are touching.

Yet we all know we are more than physical; we are multidimensional. Sometimes physical pain is psycho-somatic; actually stored emotional pain. Sometimes  physical or emotional pain is displaced energy from a impact such as a car accident ( plain old physics at work ). Identifying the root cause of dysfunction often takes a bit of detective work, though If one is not healing then something in their process is being missed, be it Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Energetically, or Spiritually; something is in need that isn’t being addressed. This is where my work comes together with my clients’.

Integrating client sessions in order to address each individual’s needs, I offer what experience has been garnered along my own inner path and the wisdom and intuition that is revealed when in communion with each client’s being, opening to enable the fullest expression of each client’s highest potentials of

Love,  Balance,  Inner Peace,  Joy,  and Radiance.

Professional  Training  and  Qualifications

With 15 years  “Hands On” experience  in therapeutic bodywork and over 1,356  hours of Advance Professional training, McGinley is committed to providing  the highest quality therapeutic care to each of her clients.

Through education and cutting edge therapy, McGinley empowers clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to gain control of their pain management / recovery, and to regain balance and wellness in their lives.

Born in Portland and raised in Bowdoin Maine, McGinley moved to Washington County in the late 80’s  to complete a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine Ecology at the University of Maine at Machias. The gravitational pull of the incredible natural beauty of Washington County, and the genuine spirit of community  led her to Lubec, which has been her home since 1995.

In addition to her bachelors degree, McGinley is a Maine State Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, and a Certified Personal Trainer CPT, and she is an approved provide for Federal and State Worker’s Compensation. A graduate of The New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts, a 750 hr COMTA  accredited Massage Therapy Program, she has pursued extensive advanced training in her field including :

Completed  216  hours of certified advanced training in Orthopedic and Pain Management and Recovery Massage through the Center for Pain Management. Served for 2 years as a teaching assistant, under internationally recognized therapist, and former therapist for the New York Yankees, James Waslaski.

Completed 32 Hour Certification in Oncology Massage through Tracy Walton and Associates.

Completed Certification as a Personal Trainer through NESTA. This certification enables McGinley to legally prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises to help client’s regain musculo-skeletal /structural balance.

Completed Certification in Myofascial Release through the CORE Institute.

McGinley is a Graduate of the Macrobiotic Leadership Program at the Kushi Institute in Becket MA.  Her current focus is on living and sharing what she is learning as she explores the philosophy of Macrobiotics in daily life, how whole foods and lifestyle changes can create balance of our bodies and in our lives.

McGinley is a “Caring Touch” ; Touch, Caring, and Cancer Trainer for the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth and has also successfully offered this training to volunteers from Downeast Hospice. This program was developed through sponsorship from the National Cancer Institute.

These FREE community trainings enable friends and family of those with Cancer or who are in hospice to safely offer basic massage and caring touch, though providing educational information, handouts, copies of the DVD “Touch Caring and Cancer” and the opportunity for hands-on practice of the techniques presented in the DVD and in class.

Completed CranioSacral Level I and II and Somato Emotional Release I & II  through the Upledger Institute.

                Sports Massage Coordinator for the

                Bay of Fundy International Marathon.




Completed a 260 hour Zen Shiatsu program at The Boston Shiatsu School in Cambridge, MA: while attending BSS she taught their Swedish Massage Course.

Appointed to serve on The Medical Massage National Certification Board Education Committee  to develop National standards for Medical Massage Certification.

Completed Matrix Energetics Level I and II

Initiated in the second degree of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho system of natural healing.

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